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We help your business thrive in the digital space by a variety of services such as website development, app development, website intelligence, SEO and many more.

Leading the Way in Website Design, SEO, and App Development in Hertfordshire


Mobile App Development

We got innovative mobile app solutions for both iOS and Android platforms. No matter what app ideas you may have, we got the team to make it a reality!

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Web Development

Stunning, responsive designs to captivate your audience. Made with the latest tools and following best practices, we ensure that your website stays looking fresh for a long time!

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SEO Optimisation

Boost your online visibility with our SEO experts. We got the best in the business working tirelessly to make sure your website stays on top and relevant!

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UI/UX Design

A great design can be the difference between a one time visitor and a loyal client! We got intuitive and user-friendly designs that will turn wandering visitors to customers that keep coming back

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Website Analytics

Numbers, numbers, everywhere! It's tough to keep up and make sense of it all, right? Well, don't worry about a thing! Just leave it to us. We'll crunch the numbers and give you the insights you need to stay on top of your competition

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Website Optimisation

Is your website not performing as expected? Don't worry. We are here to enhance your website's performance and overall user experience, helping you grow your online presence and business.

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Located in Hertfordshire, UK, Recognise Designs is a leading tech company driven by innovation. Our dedicated team continually strives to create superior solutions, having successfully assisted over 20 businesses in achieving their digital presence and business goals swiftly.

Our Process

At the core of our process lies the client, encompassing their needs, desires, pain points, preferences, and feedback. Throughout every stage of the project, we gauge our success by your satisfaction.



Recognise Design's dedicated teams prioritise expedited project delivery while mitigating potential roadblocks throughout your project lifecycle. Our highly skilled IT professionals possess the expertise to ensure your project's resounding success.

Product Development

Minimum Viable

Product Development

We can help you bring any product to market quickly by developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This approach allows you to validate your concept, gather user feedback, and iterate for further development.


Proof of Concept


To lay a strong foundation for successful projects, our team provides comprehensive PoC development. This enables us to check the feasibility of crucial features and assess their relevance to your audience.


Dedicated Team


With our dedicated team, there’s no need to hire additional employees. Our experts combine skills and knowledge to ensure that your requirements are met efficiently and without the hassle of recruitment.




Our team follows a mobile-first approach, ensuring the user experience remains intuitive and smooth on small screens. We will adapt any design to provide a seamless user experience.


Software Quality


Ongoing maintenance and support are crucial for the optimal performance of your project. For this reason, we strive to ensure that all our solutions remain up-to-date, secure, and optimized for success.


Maintenance &


Ongoing maintenance and support are crucial for the optimal performance of your project. For this reason, we strive to ensure that all our solutions remain up-to-date, secure, and optimized for success.

Dev process

Our organized and methodical approach enables us to optimize workflows, uphold transparency, and reliably produce exceptional outcomes for every project.






Users’ feedback

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