Hubspot, mailchimp & Salesforce

These integrations make it easy for companies to manage their email campaigns and newsletter subscribers. Tying together systems, tools and software for seamless processes around email marketing, we facilitate marketers uniting their email service provider with more personalised, relevant and efficient messages.

Email template designa & build

Providing custom email template designs. All the email template designs that we provide are responsive in nature and can be tailored to suit the clients needs. Making sure they match perfectly with landing designs. Our team optimises designs based on the analytics data to see spots where users eyeballs are and provide a value proposition. We create innovative landing page designs that instantly grab the viewers attention to wherever our clients want it.

Cross client testing

The aim is to make sure subscribers see emails the way our clients intended. We test the formatting in a variety of devices, browsers and applications. With testing tools, we can make sure our clients' messages are attractive ad readable in Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo and other popular email client applications.


This process involves writing clear, compelling copies for various mediums which include ads, blog posts and newsletters. We also generate the words, slogans and audio scripts that accompany advertising visuals and overseeing the productions phase.